Places of Solitude, 2013 | by Laura Tidwell

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Da bruh is home from training.

how do people make it through books that are just sad sad sad from the start and that only hint at a sad ending. like fuck that’s too much.


Did anyone actually draw clip art or was it just born when the universe was

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wow, i think i’m in the mood to cry?

weird that i would want to cry, i know. but like, i’m reading a book and idk if it’s sad or i’m just feeling too much? and then also i put on a sad song to play while i read. and i’m like feeling all the hurt..

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So many men have internalized the lie that they have uncontrollable sex drives, and no way to control their anger. They aren’t ashamed of their abusive behavior because they see it as a something natural to them and maybe even central to their masculinity. It’s scary as hell.

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This means so much to me


This means so much to me

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*jokingly hits on u but means it 100%*

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Tonight’s the first time in a while that I’ve looked at my reflection and felt pretty.

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Next time I start to develop a crush on someone please just punch me in the face instead

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