I start training soon. I think I’m actually paid during training, which is exciting. But I’m also really anxious. Ahhhhhhh. I told my interviewer that I can sometimes be shy. Sometimes. Sometimes.



hollywood sure has an easy time finding brown and black people to play terrorists, thugs, drug dealers, gangsters, servants, “barbarians”, hypersexualized or desexualized caricatures but all of a sudden you need a lead role and


gosh where did they go i swear we put them here right after zero dark thirty??

Can’t even find them to play black and brown people in movies ABOUT black and brown people.

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Be soft, kind and loving. But also take nobody’s shit.

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My boyfriends and my lockscreens.


My boyfriends and my lockscreens.

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*marries u but only as a friend*

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Colors of the Atacama Desert (Salta, Argentina) by Stéphane San Quirce.

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